Cool Beach Vacation Destinations in Europe

There are many destinations in Europe, which are famous for the quality of their beaches, their temperate climates, and the excellent assortment of resorts that are available. These destinations can be the ideal location for a great beach vacation although many may not be places that you might think of at first. Here are some of the more popular beach vacation destinations for vacationers looking to relax in Europe:

In Spain, you can choose from beach vacation resorts along the mainland coasts on the Mediterranean Sea, or go to one of Spain’s many island beach spots located on Menorca or Majorca. These areas are very popular and offer high quality vacation options at a reasonable price.

Even though the mainland of Croatia is very beautiful, most tourists head for spots along the coast, especially along the Adriatic Sea. The most popular areas for beach worshipers include Sibenik, Zadar, Dubrovnik and the National Park Brijuni Islands. Croatia has an extraordinary coastline with beautiful beaches but keep in mind, some can be rocky or pebble based.

If you choose Turkey as your beach vacation destination of choice, you will find friendly locals, a varied choice of clean and contemporary accommodations all for a very good value. Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean costs provide some of the most poplar beach destinations in all southern Europe. The best time to go to this area is between June and October, the waters are warm and the beaches are not as crowded.

Cyprus, especially the northern part, has all the fundamentals for a perfect beach holiday. With it’s striking sandy beaches, warm turquoise colored waters and its assortment of cuisine from both Eastern and Western cultures, this destination has a lot to offer its visitors. Make sure to visit the lovely harbor town of Kyrenia when in this area.

The coast of Greece and its islands are world famous for their sparkling blue waters, white sandy beaches and superb small villages that make everyone feel at home. The weather can be very hot in the summer but there is often a breeze to cool things down at this ideal beach vacation destination.

There are many places in Portugal, which offer a wide assortment of beaches, and resort areas that are perfect for anyone looking for a great place to relax. The Algarve has miles of sparkling clean beaches with many activities for families but also with the nightlife for couples and singles. The Azores, a group of nine varied islands, is another popular beach vacation area of Portugal with lots to offer its visitors.

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Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations You Won’t Ever Forget

So we had finally decided on the Excellence Riviera Cancun for our Honeymoon. After reading reviews on another well known review site? For over two years it was with great anticipation that we set off from Gatwick airport for the ten hour flight to one of the finest Caribbean destinations I have ever visited namely Cancun. Not the rowdy side a quiet area named Puerto Moreleos.

Yes this was the ten hour flight that took 15 hours because of an ignorant volcano in Iceland, yes you know, the one that erupted and caused chaos for a couple of months last year. Anyhow we finally arrived at 3am local time and was greeted with an ice cold towel and a glass of champagne, most welcome I might add. We were then escorted to our room by a very attentive young chap who spoke excellent English. After being awake for some 31 hours we were both pretty shattered so we both crashed out, that was after I had raided the mini bar!!.

Let me start by saying that this accommodation is by far one of the most highly rated luxury hotels in the Cancun area, and boy do they know about customer service. With 24 hour room service and if I remember correctly seven a la carte restaurants there is no end of choice what you can eat. Then there is the drink, virtually every drink known to man is stocked there it would seem and they make an excellent cocktail, especially the mango margaritas!!

Me and the wife would start at about 10 am on these then it was pretty much a steady pace all day, and yes this was all included in the package. I was saying about the food, everything from a Lobster House to an Asian experience restaurant and if that did not fill you up there was always the room service which I stated.

The facilities were excellent, especially if you are disabled like myself(I will keep the details of that for later articles)easy to get around and not too many stairs, there were lifts everywhere. Excellent facilities on the beach and there were seven pools which were a welcome relief from the intense heat, between 33-38 c most days, with nice easy access.

We decided that when we arrived we would treat ourselves(seen as this was our Honeymoon)to the club level of accommodation. This was well worth the upgrade in itself for the extra special treatment you receive, the closeness of customer care levels was something I had never quite experienced before but it was nice to feel like a V.I.P. for a couple of weeks. I forgot to mention we found our honeymoon on line at yourholidaydeal, a brilliant price comparison holiday website with all you would ever need, very good service.

The club level of service was phenomonal, even a bit too much at times, although it was nice to be v.i.p. status for a short while. We did travel around to the unesco world heritage sites of the Mayan ruins at Tulum and suchlike and there there was the most ingenious methods of transport I have ever discovered. It was like an inverted tricycle with a seat on the front for those who could not make the mile walk through the jungle to the ruins. How those guys do that everyday in that heat for 5 pesos a ride I will never know. I wish to state that I did give the young chap 20 pesos for my ride he had to work extra hard cycling me!

We also visited the island of Isla Mujeres which is a beautiful little island which you can hire golf buggies to travel round in, such fun and cheap too.

All in all it was a fantastic Honeymoon even better than the first one in Jamaica (but that is another story!).