The Perfect Destination For Your Next Sailing Trip

The incredible number of sailing destinations with quality of facilities ensures you can plan for a perfect trip. Start by considering destinations close to your home port. In the United States alone, you’ll find amazing and accessible points of interest along both east and west coasts, as well as the Gulf and south Atlantic coasts.

The perfect sailing trip may be a quick jaunt along the coast. For those near the East coast, there are hundreds of worthwhile points of interest. Some marinas to consider include (from north to south) the Carousel Marina in Boothbay Harbor, Maine; Machodoc Creek Marina at Dahlgren Marine Center at King George, Virginia; Charleston City Marina in South Carolina, and many more along the Georgia and Florida Atlantic coasts, including Harbor Inn & Marina in Stuart, Florida.

In addition to the marinas, you should check on the facilities at each marina and especially the attractions and opportunities along the trip. Information is readily available both on-line and through print cruising guides. Both sources will provide info on specific coasts and islands as well as light houses, bridges and inlets, and other popular points of interest within reach of marinas available.

Once you’ve taken advantage of the local and regional destinations, you’ll be ready to consider more challenging and distant destinations. The islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas and even Bermuda offer accessible yet high-interest destinations that will offer something for everyone onboard.

Information for trip preparations as well as destination amenities and facilities are readily available. One example of a current Internet site is where prospective travelers can explore 25,000 marina and marine locations, view 250,000 images of marinas, make free reservations, and even access an interactive mapping database. Print resources are readily available as well, such as the popular and well-reviewed How to Sail Around the World: Advice and Ideas for Voyaging Under Sail by Hal Roth (available from

If you can’t leave tomorrow, and you want to spend some of the cold weather months by planning for the perfect sailing voyage, there is no end to the sources of information you can explore. Happy planning – and happy arrival!